What Multi-Millionaire Grant Cardone can teach us about Building a Powerful Personal Brand

If you have a name, you have a personal brand.

The question is, in your opinion, does your brand matter to enough people? Is your brand big enough?

Most people will answer “no” and if you’re one of those people, then you can use the following tips to guide you with building a personal brand that impacts your target market.

For those not in the know, Grant Cardone is a speaker, sales trainer, author and a multi-million dollar media machine who has one of the most engaged audiences I’ve seen to date. If you ask him what his mission is, he’ll tell you that he wants to be known by 7 billion people on planet Earth.

So it’s fair to say he’s very focused on personal branding. Let’s see what we can learn from him:

Have a clear purpose

The first step towards building a personal brand is knowing who you are and what your purpose is. Why you do what you do.

Nailing this is crucial. As Simon Sinek says in this popular TED talk, it is important to always start with the WHY as that is how great leaders inspire action. Once you know what your purpose is, then your actions will be much more focused and you will start getting better results.

Know what your values are

Once you have figured out your purpose the next step is to define what you stand for. Do you believe in taking massive amounts of action, or do you stand for work-life balance? Is honesty the best policy, or do you think there is nothing wrong with telling a white lie?

Knowing what your values are is crucial as only when you know what those values are, will you be able to promote them and find people with other similar values. Only when you know what you stand for, will other people start joining your tribe.

Be everywhere

Attention is the name of the game. The amazing thing about Grant is that he really is everywhere. You’ll find this guy podcasting, tweeting, speaking at events, creating Facebook posts, etc. The guy is even on Periscope scoping while he’s in his car (or boat).

Apart from being everywhere, ubiquity also requires that you’re active spreading your message 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Although this might sound like crazy, Grant is ready to do Whatever it Takes in order to achieve his ambitious goals.

“Let the rest do whatever, while you do whatever it takes.” – GC

One of the questions he commonly gets asked is from where does he get all this drive and energy to always be spreading his message? His answer is that his purpose is what drives him, and that’s why truly nailing Step 1 is so important if you’re building your personal brand.

Provide value

90% of the material that Grant publishes is totally free. And it’s top notch. He’s constantly sharing not just what a millionaire mindset is but also his expert views on how to sell, how to use social media, how to grow your business and more.

Because he’s offering so much value to people, his audience keeps coming back for more and more. And because they know that his material is of such a high quality, they know that when he pitches his premium stuff to his audience, that it will be world class .

Grant has changed the lives of countless people and that’s because he is generous with his audience. How much value do you (plan to) provide to your audience?

Get some #Hustle Muscle

There will be days, when it’s rainy, cold and you just don’t feel like working. And you’ll say to yourself, “I’ll just take it easy today. I don’t feel like working.”

This kind of attitude is unacceptable to Grant as you have to stay focused on your purpose and on helping your audience. Showing up and doing what other people don’t want to do, is one of the big reasons Grant has a powerful personal brand.

Have your pitch ready

When you’re building your brand, new opportunities will start popping up. At some point, someone will ask you “Who are you?” or “What do you do?”. At that point, you better be ready to deliver a polished pitch.

When you’re communicating face-to-face or over the phone, you have to be able to communicate clearly and concisely how you create value for others, how you stand out, and you have to anticipate questions before they are asked.

Connect with the connected

Being connected with as many people as possible is great. At the same time you must also focus your energy on finding people who can help you take your personal brand to the next level.

Networking is a big part of personal branding. Helping people connect and provide value to each other is one of the things that we focus on most at Scheduit.

If you’d like to join our growing community of entrepreneurs, journalists, professionals, investors and more, all people who network with each other, you can sign up here.


Finally, here at Scheduit, we believe that you are unique and that you have your own way of creating value for other people in this world. This is why creating your personal brand and building your professional network is so important.

We all have a lot to offer and personal branding is one of the processes that helps us discover who we are and how we can collaborate together.

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