How to Turn Strangers into meaningful connections

Opportunities follow us wherever we go. What we fail to realize is that they won’t land on our doorstep unless we show that we are interested.

When was the last time you actually looked up from your phone and spoke to a stranger?

Your next business opportunity and future career success are waiting outside your immediate network, so unless you look beyond your social horizon, you’re going to remain stuck in the same boat.

When you look up and realize that every person you meet is valuable and has a story to tell, your entire world is suddenly transformed into an endless networking platform. The next step then would be to turn these strangers into meaningful partners.

1) Look approachable. Make eye contact. Smile. Say hi. If we believe every person has a valuable lesson to share, making the first move is easy. Walk up to people the way a journalist walks into an interview — filled with genuine curiosity and an inquiring mind, ready to listen and get that story.

Eventually, even the most unassuming person will fire up your imagination — whether it’s the woman standing behind you in the queue at the bakery on Sunday morning, the tired-looking medical student waiting at the bus stop, or the random guy you bumped into at the car park after that street food festival last weekend.

2) Find common ground. It’s much easier to speak to strangers you instinctively feel you can relate to. Ever noticed how natural it is to speak to the person sitting next to you on a plane? It’s because you’re both in the same situation. Assuming that the other person is as shy as you are is also a way to gain confidence and help you break the ice.

3) Announce your presence. Use Scheduit. Other social networks connect you with people you already know. Schedule invites you to interact with compatible individuals outside your immediate social circles.

Once you join Scheduit and announce your presence, like-minded professionals can request to meet up with you anywhere in the world, depending on your availability. A networking app is a unique tool promising to transform a community of strangers into meaningful professional connections without having to bother about Step 1 and Step 2.

Business networking is a valuable way to learn from others’ success stories and their experiences of crisis and failures and doesn’t only happen while wearing a suit and tie.

Thanks to Scheduit, you can find your perfect business partner 4,376km away. All you have to do is show that you are interested in meeting new people and this will open the door to a new, exciting world of business connections.

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