Our journey from EnterConf to Web Summit 2015

Exposing yourself to extraordinary networking opportunities is one of the main reasons attendees go to the Web Summit year after year after year.

With over 30,000 attending, including star speakers, investors, experts, founders, accelerator managers, journalists and more, meeting the right people will be key and hectic.

This year the networking will be taken to another level with BETA startup Scheduit disrupting the networking app space.

What is Scheduit?

Scheduit is an innovative web and mobile app that acts as a networking matchmaker for business professionals. Our app uses a complex machine-learning algorithm to provide users with relevant networking recommendations.

This means that after signing up, users at the Web Summit will be able to quickly find other relevant attendees who wish to network. The keyword here is relevant. Scheduit removes a lot of the serendipity in networking and specifically identifies the people who are a good match for the user. Hence this can help you make the most of your time in Dublin.

The beginning …

Initially soft launched at EnterConf 2015 as an alpha stage application, Scheduit received a lot valuable feedback from inspiring thought provokers and industry leaders. The Scheduit team also had the opportunity to meet amazing startups and exchange insights, and the event organisers were very helpful and supportive throughout the event.

Since EnterConf, the Scheduit platform has grown exponentially with users in more than 36 cities worldwide. The team, led by FinTech and data science expert Dr Abdalla Kablan, has also grown to eight strong with further expansion plans in the pipeline.

Thanks to the success at EnterConf new investors are expressing interest, and the startup is now focused on accelerating its growth even further. The app is particularly looking at the event app space after being approached by various event organizers looking to improve the networking aspect of their business events. Scheduit now offers a unique event networking solution that continues to be useful for both users and event organizers even after the event itself.

Moving forward …

The great news is that Scheduit shall be officially launching at Web Summit 2015. So if we say that Scheduit hatched at EnterConf, it will fly at Web Summit.

Scheduit plans to connect all the participants at this great event and facilitate their networking, making sure that everyone gets the most from the event’s rich networking opportunities.

Being an app that will be carried with the users all over the world after Web Summit, Scheduit will continue to learn about the behaviours of its users and recommend relevant contacts to help users develop their professional network to the next level.

To sign up to Scheduit, please click here.

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