5 ways we improved Scheduit in the last 60 days

If you have ever been involved with a startup, you’ll know that speed is of the essence.
Shipping features fast is of utmost importance. Startups have the mentality of being leaders in their space. We constantly want to innovate, find new ways to create value, and challenge the status quo.

With that said, here are some of the improvements that we have recently implemented:

Limiting the number of notifications you receive

Lately we’ve received feedback about some users receiving too many email notifications from us. We totally understand that this can be frustrating.

So we have now given you more control over how many email notifications you receive from us.

If you log into Scheduit from our website, and go to Edit Profile, you’ll be able to toggle whether you want to receive Many, Few or No notifications at all. What these mean is the following:

Many – you will receive notifications when people with a compatibility rating of 3 and above announce their presence close to you.

Few – you will receive notifications when people with a compatibility rating of 4 and above announce their presence close to you.

None – well, this is self-explanatory.

We recommend that this option is at least set to ‘Few’ so that you will still receive the most important notifications without being overloaded. In the future we have more plans to continue to improve on this system by increased personalization and better relevancy of each email you receive from us.

Change notifications


Changes in the design of the app

Over the past few months, we have tested different looks for Scheduit and finally, we are now settled on a design that just feels right. Previously our look was based more on a light blue shade made to appeal to a younger crowd. Although this looked decent, we believe the light shade somehow made the app seem less serious than it is. Admittedly, we fell even less in love with the color when a couple of weeks after implementing it, LinkedIn coincidentally changed the color to exactly match ours. And frankly, we don’t want to be confused with LinkedIn because ultimately, we serve different purposes.

So our new look has a more business-like tone that we believe will be appreciated by the people we are trying to serve.

Save scheduled meetings on Calendar

Scheduit is all about developing your professional network and organising meetings is a big part of how you can do this. After listening to your feedback, we wanted to make it easier for you not to forget the meetings that you’ve scheduled on Scheduit.

So now Scheduit works with your phone calendar (Apple or Google) and when you schedule a meeting using our app, you can insert it into your calendar with just a tap of a button.

Better Support New Help FAQ & Live Chat Support

We understand that the concept behind Scheduit can be new for many people. This is why we’ve included a list of the most frequently asked questions in the new Help section.

We’ve also gone a step further and now we provide live chat support from within the app itself. This way if you come across a difficulty when using Scheduit, you can contact a support person from within the app itself.

Scheduit for Events

More and more Scheduit is being used as a networking tool at professional events. For this reason, we have implemented new features that enhance the event experience by giving users more reasons to engage with event-related mobile content.

One of the ways we have done this is by making the event agenda available on mobile (& web). This way

attendees no longer have to carry the event programme around as they can access the agenda from their own smartphone.

Another thing we’ve included on the mobile event page is the ability to see who else has signed in at the event you are at. This way you can easily see who the other attendees are, check what you have in common and you can message them. This makes networking much easier, especially for those of you who shy away from approaching people you don’t know at events.


I hope you liked these changes. In truth these are just a few of the changes that we have implemented. We have also completed quick template replies to meeting requests, we’ve revamped our back-end, optimized the app performance, improved how app notifications are managed, and we’ve introduced the ability to favourite speeches at conferences with multiple tracks.

And did I mention there were also a few bug fixes?

It’s fair to say that our development team have been working really hard.

Scheduit is dedicated to pushing innovation in business networking. We know this is an area of business that many professionals suffer with and we believe it is important that networking is finally made easier.

To stay up to date with developments, make sure you sign-up at www.scheduit.com.

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